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Wide Application of Cars Cam

1. Wide application of cars cam

According to the different application fields, cars cam can be divided into driving assistance (driving recorder, ADAS and active safety system), parking assistance (panoramic view) and in-car personnel monitoring. Time and temperature have higher requirements. The cars cam runs through the entire process from driving to parking and has higher requirements for working time and temperature.

According to the installation position, it can be divided into four parts: front view, rear view, side view, and interior monitoring. At least 7 cameras are required for ADAS and in-vehicle monitoring.

With the development of automotive electronics technology, the number of bicycle cameras will also increase significantly. Currently the most widely used are front-view cameras and rear-view cameras. With the increasing popularity of ADAS systems and the application of face recognition technology in the field of automotive electronics, in-car and side-view automotive cars camera will be further applied.

On the one hand, ADAS, the "bridge" of autonomous driving, has ushered in a period of rapid growth, which means that the era of autonomous driving is coming quietly; on the other hand, automotive cameras will become an important entry point for information processing in the Internet of Vehicles. Considering cost, accuracy, and functionality, camera-based sensor fusion will become the mainstream solution for ADAS in the future.

Just as 80% of human information comes from the human eye, a cam for a car is also an important entry point for vehicle Internet information processing. It is expected that when autonomous driving technology matures, the market space will be further expanded.

2. The cars cam industry has high barriers

Once certified, long-term profits will be obtained. Compared with mobile cameras, vehicle cameras have a higher standard, and the unit price is about 8 times that of mobile cameras.

Mobile cameras emphasize high-pixel specifications, while vehicle-mounted cameras pay more attention to reliability and cost. On the other hand, the industry barriers for automotive cameras are also reflected in the complexity of entering the front-end market.

The pre-installation market requires a lot of time and effort from market promotion to contract signing and mass production. Once it enters the supply chain, it is difficult to be replaced, and the supplier's first-mover advantage is obvious.

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+86 0755-82593248