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Body Camera

As a big and responsible body cam manufacturer, RECODA always pursues technological innovation to offer the best product quality and most advanced body-worn camera products.

Integrate the latest AI, 4G LTE solution & NFC and AES 256 encryption technology to work together as one for top-quality evidentiary video surveillance system, record the whole truth from every angle.

RECODA professional body camera is mainly used in police handling cases, traffic police law enforcement, fire control inspection, urban management law enforcement, tobacco law enforcement, railway departments and other occasions that need to record the law enforcement process. Protect those law enforcement officials with Video Recording evidence.

Body Camera For Sale

With a competitive bodycam price and high quality, Recoda body worn cameras for sale can be used for both law enforcement and public accountability. Body cameras worn by the police officers in China help to record the misconduct and use of force of police. If a body camera is used with facial recognition or other technologies, thousands of police officers wearing bodycams can conduct a real-time recording of the words, deeds and places of most people.

Benefits Of Recoda Body Worn Cameras

As one of the top police body cam manufacturers, RECORD has been focusing on the production of police cameras for many years. The uses and application of Recoda body worn cameras provide law enforcement agencies with a lot of essential opportunities and potential benefits which were not easy or even not possible to be obtained. The key benefits of body worn cameras include:

  • Protect the officers with body cameras. 

    This rugged public safety body camera offers continuous recording to keep you safe, and a detachable or replaceable battery to keep you going.

  • Small size design body-worn cameras, easy to wear.

  • Body-worn cameras are proven to capture evidence for criminal convictions, claim refutation and to dispute false accusations, and deter aggression for a security officer or retail assistant.

  • If you are interested in our company's products, you can contact us by completing the form below, and we will negotiate with you at a competitive body cam price.

FAQs of Recoda Body Camera

Does the infrared of body camera need to be turned on manually or automatically?

In the setting menu, the users of professional body camera can select the mode of the infrared function: Turns on/off. The default mode of RECODA body worn camera is turning on the body cam automatically according to the light intensity of the surroundings.

Is it possible to change the memory size of the BWC device?

According to the BWC model, if you do not see the memory card slot, it means that the model does not support replacing the memory card.

How does a body worn camera work?

A body camera is a type of small camera device. It can be worn by the police officers on their uniforms or equipped as a headset to record video or audio of both law enforcement officials and the public on different law enforcement scenes.

What is the difference between a body cam and a dashboard camera?

Dashboard cameras, a kind of device that is fixed to law enforcement cars. So a dashboard camera is only able to capture video or audio from the front of the cars. Body cameras, however, enable the officers to record wherever they go. Body mounted cameras integrate the benefits of dashboard cameras and have its own unique strength in law enforcement.

Body Worn Camera Recorder for police and Law Enforcement agencies Get Body Camera Price
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3F, Sixth Plant, Tangzhong Industrial Park, Hengnan Road, Gushu, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
+86 0755-82593248