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What Are the Advantages and Characteristics of Using Law Enforcement Cameras?

Now the police are willing to use law enforcement cameras to handle cases in the process of law enforcement and case handling. The main reason is that it can bring you a faster case handling process. At the same time, it can also improve the overall case handling efficiency. The most important thing is that as a very professional law enforcement and police equipment, it can also bring better functional advantages, so let me introduce the functional characteristics of law enforcement cameras.

1. The law enforcement camera has powerful functions, which can take pictures, record videos, watch remote videos and intercom in real time

In the process of working, the law enforcement camera can integrate digital photography and recording, and the 4G law enforcement camera can also watch remote video and intercom in real time, so it can make the operation easier in the process of handling the case, and can also flexibly change the shooting and recording The video recording mode can digitally record both dynamic and static situations on the scene. It is light in weight and relatively small in size, which is very convenient in the process of wearing it, so as not to affect your normal work.

2. Law enforcement cameras can record at night

The law enforcement camera has a built-in infrared light function, which means that it can shoot normally in various dark environments, and can ensure that the overall picture is very clear, which can bring better evidence collection for law enforcement agencies. Moreover, in the process of post-playback, the authority of the video can be absolutely guaranteed, because in the process of storing the video in the background, it can be guaranteed to avoid tampering.

I believe that after the introduction of the above contents, everyone should have a comprehensive understanding of the functionality of the body recorder for law enforcement. The most important thing is that the price of law enforcement cameras is also very reasonable, so it can avoid too much pressure in the purchase process, and can better show the economical efficiency of use.

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+86 0755-82593248