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How Does a Semi Truck Camera System Work?

A front dash cam, dual camera dash cam or 360 degree camera system is needed during the working process of semi truck camera system. No matter what kind of semi truck backup cameras you like, dash cam can help drivers protect themselves on the road. These truck camera systems can help truck drivers drive safer, protect the vehicle and improve operational efficiency.

Depending on the truck security cameras you choose, the dash cam can help drivers confidently manage their routes and capture events near the semi truck. Combined with cloud based video recorders, drivers will receive comprehensive security and asset protection.

A Guide to Buying the Semi Truck Cameras

With the help of a professional company, you can buy a suitable truck rear camera. The following are the factors you can consider in the purchasing of semi truck camera systems:

1. GPS Fleet Tracking Dash Cams

A complete GPS location reporting is essential for any semi truck camera systems. The vehicle camera system of RECODA, a mobile DVR manufacturer, provides video clips for continuous training of drivers with unsafe habits, but it can also prove the occurrence of accidents.

All video clips should be securely archived on the ECS and can be easily accessed at any time. GPS is the only way to provide evidence of a particular lens location in court.

GPS reports provide detailed records of drivers' routes and activities, and enable companies to understand drivers' daily work by accessing daily, monthly and annual reports.

2. Dual Dash Cam systems

A dual dash cam system is essential in semi truck camera systems because it ensures that companies can access the lens regardless of the angle of the accident.

Using the truck camera system, the company does not have to worry about whether the camera captures the accident lens.

3. 360 Degree Lens

Without an appropriate camera angle, the company cannot collect facts about the collision, verify services or ensure policy and safety compliance. 360 degree camera angles provide access to all lenses, so they never damage the technology.

4. Live Footage

The ability to check the driver's position is particularly useful if the driver is involved in an accident or is being checked. Live Footage from the semi truck camera system can also monitor drivers' regular driving habits and allow companies to better determine whether their drivers meet company standards.

5. Driver snapshot

If one of your drivers is being examined, they can use their lens to speed up the process. Driver snapshots provide photo and video evidence of their activities and speed up reviews so that they can get back on the road and resume business.

6. Fuel cost

Driver cams have a positive impact on fuel economy and reduce fleet management costs. Monitoring the driver's speed using a track security camera will produce new driver behavior, thus reducing fuel cost.

Why Should You Choose Our Semi Truck Security Camera Systems?

1. No false claims!

A semi truck security camera system can help reduce collision claims by capturing evidence from near 360 degree in the event of an incident. These types of collisions are difficult to see on simple dash cams because they capture the lens from only one angle. Our semi truck cameras have more angles than any other vehicle surveillance system. 

2. Not just an accident camera. Our vehicle cameras are always recording.

Our vehicle camera system captures more than just accidents. Recoda semi truck cameras are always recording. This enables drivers to understand their driving skills more clearly, and our high-quality lens shows the whole story from beginning to end, which can easily prove that the false allegations are wrong.

3. View live video of your vehicle from anywhere in the world.

Our cutting-edge 4G LTE mobile dvr camera solution allows users to view real-time video of their vehicles from anywhere. It is equipped with an online dashboard for logging in and checking drivers. Dispatchers can remotely access the driver's real-time video source, so they can help them navigate in difficult terrain. In addition, managers can remotely request the download of recorded video clips from the vehicle's on-board DVR, even if the vehicle is not on site and driving.

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+86 0755-82593248