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4G AI Body Camera M530: A Perfect Fusion of Innovative Surveillance and Smart Technology

As technology continues to advance, surveillance equipment is constantly being updated and upgraded. The 4G AI Body Camera M530, introduced by Shenzhen RECODA Technologies Limited, stands as a prime example of this trend. This product not only features high-definition recording capabilities but also integrates various advanced features such as 4G network connectivity and artificial intelligence technology, offering users a comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent monitoring solution.

High-Definition Recording, Capturing Every Moment Clearly

The M530 camera supports 2K high-definition recording with a resolution of up to 2560x1440 30P, ensuring that videos are clear and detailed, capturing every detail. Whether during the day or night, the high-definition video provides users with reliable monitoring records. Additionally, the camera supports multiple resolution settings, including 1920x1080 30p and 1280x720 30p, to meet different monitoring needs and storage conditions.

Powerful Battery Life and Durability

Equipped with two 3200mAh replaceable batteries, the M530 ensures prolonged use, even when charging is not immediately possible. Its IP68 rating means the camera is waterproof and dustproof, suitable for various harsh environments. Moreover, the device can withstand falls from up to 2 meters, ensuring durability in various usage scenarios.


Smart Technology, Enhancing Monitoring Efficiency

An optional feature of the M530 camera is facial recognition, a highlight of its intelligence. This technology can automatically identify faces in the frame, improving the specificity and efficiency of monitoring. The equipped 4G network connectivity feature allows for real-time video data transmission, enabling users to stay informed about the monitoring situation regardless of their location. The GPS function adds geographical location information to videos, helping users understand the specific location of events.

Addressing Big Data Challenges, Achieving Effective Monitoring

In the United States, police departments are equipped with a large number of body cameras, recording everything from traffic stops to welfare checks to active shooter responses. However, due to the massive accumulation of video data, few institutions have sufficient resources to thoroughly review these recordings. Most videos are simply stored and never viewed.

Axon, the largest provider of police cameras and cloud storage in the United States, has seen its video data grow from about 6TB in 2016 to over 100PB today. This is equivalent to storing over 5000 years of high-definition video or 25 million copies of last year’s blockbuster movie “Barbie.”

To address this data challenge, an increasing number of companies and research institutions are beginning to offer analysis tools powered by artificial intelligence. For example, the Paterson Police Department in New Jersey has adopted such an analysis tool as a crucial part of its comprehensive reform plan. The department partnered with Truleo, a software company based in Chicago, whose software can identify problematic officers and behavioral patterns by analyzing audio from body camera videos.


Shenzhen RECODA’s 4G AI Body Camera M530, with its high-definition recording, powerful battery life, smart monitoring technology, and ability to address big data challenges, has become a leading product on the market. This camera not only provides real-time monitoring and recording but also works with advanced analysis tools to help police departments manage and review vast amounts of video data more effectively, thereby enhancing law enforcement transparency and accountability. Whether for personal safety, corporate monitoring, or public security, the M530 offers stable and reliable service, making it an ideal choice for modern surveillance needs.

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+86 0755-82593248