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What Kind of Bodycamera is Good?

With the continuous improvement of social civilization, the continuous evolution of urban informatization and intelligence, the application of modern technology is becoming more and more final. In the process of on-site law enforcement, body cam recorder is an important tool to protect the rights and interests of both law enforcement parties and collect clues and evidence, so it has been used more and more widely.

A good body cam recorder should aim at actual combat, with the principle of helping on-site law enforcement personnel increase efficiency and reduce burdens, and realize applications such as law enforcement on-site technical support, real-time process supervision, and command and dispatch. So, how to choose a good camera body cam?

1. The communication of the body cam recorder cannot stop only in the voice

Wireless transmission of body cam recorders has now become standard, but many wireless command and dispatch between command centers, crime scenes, and leadership decision-making levels still remain at the level of voice calls, which seriously affects the speed of decision-making in important cases, which is obviously not enough. Information-based decision-making requirements.

The new-generation body cam recorder adopts a front and rear dual-camera design, which can not only clearly record the law enforcement process, but also conduct video conferences with the rear command center, making command communication more efficient.

2. The body cam recorder is more suitable for the environment

The body-worn video recorder is worn by law enforcement officers, wind and rain are unavoidable, and even in harsh environments such as disaster weather, this is a test of the product's ability to adapt to the environment. If you fail the test, the body cam recorder is often useless and cannot play its due role.

The new generation of body cam recorder has a protection level of IP68, waterproof and dustproof, can be immersed in underwater work, and can also play a role in more extreme environments; at the same time, it supports 2 meters of anti-drop, so that accidents will not interrupt the normal work of the body cam recorder .

3. The anti-shake ability of the body cam recorder should be strong, and it is suitable for shooting in mobile scenes

The pictures captured by the body-worn video recorder usually have a large degree of shaking due to the constant movement of people, and the key pictures are often blurred; and watching this kind of video for a long time is easy to make people dizzy, dizzy and tired. Law enforcement is a dynamic process, and the resulting picture jitter has always been a major pain point in video capture of body-worn video cameras.

RECODA's new generation of camera body cams has built-in EIS super anti-shake function, which can remove the picture shake caused by some movements such as walking, keep the picture stable, and improve the efficiency of evidence collection.

4. The body cam recorder can not only be a forensic tool, but also can identify objects

In the past, the body cam recorder was more for recording, providing first-hand on-site information for the subsequent forensic work, but today, with the increasing popularity of intelligence, RECODA Body camera supports face recognition and license plate recognition. Lots of help for forensics.

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+86 0755-82593248