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What Factors Should Be Considered when Choosing a Body Video Recorder?

Camera body-worn recorders can be seen everywhere, but for those who want to buy a body-worn video recorder, what factors should be considered has become a difficult problem, and different environments have different requirements for a camera body-worn recorder. 

1. The clarity of the camera body cam

Under normal circumstances, when an emergency occurs and the video playback needs to be reviewed, law enforcement and duty personnel will call out the surveillance video. However, when we need to see the details of the scene of the incident (such as the face of the person involved), it is difficult. In the actual application process, we have to consider the issue of resolution, which is determined according to the needs. It is required that the general video resolution of 1080P is enough for a camera body cam. For higher requirements, you can choose 1440P/1600P and 4K body recorder recording.

2. The illumination of the camera body cam

In addition to the problem of clarity, illumination is also a problem that is often encountered in the application process of camera body cams. The body-worn video recorder sometimes needs to work continuously for 24 hours, especially at night, which is often a high incidence period of malignant events. Undoubtedly, this requires the body-worn video recorder to be able to image clearly at night.

However, the light conditions are good during the day, and the ambient light required for monitoring at night is poor. Although the monitoring environment is different, the video recording effect must be guaranteed. Some body-worn video recorders are impeccable during the day, but at night, the recording effect is not good and cannot provide necessary clues for emergencies. At this time, you can choose a camera body cam with strong night vision function, and you can see clear video at night.

3. The safety and stability of the camera body cam

Good clarity, suitable wide-angle, and safe and stable recording. A camera body cam is a device that is in a long-term working state. When all the machine components work together, the heat dissipation performance of the device will directly affect the working stability, and in severe cases, it will directly affect the service life of the device.

Just imagine that when encountering bumps and extreme temperatures, especially extreme weather, the temperature will rise and fall sharply, which may affect the stable operation of the body video recorder, and there may be seconds or freezes. It is most likely related to the performance of the device. The quality of performance can be reflected from the inside to the outside of the PVR, such as the work and heat dissipation performance of the processor, circuit design, etc. In simple terms, for example, brand manufacturers will use well-known chip solutions on the chip of the PVR. Use thin film for heat dissipation, or reduce power consumption through technology to ensure less heat generation.

4. The price of the camera body cam

What suits you is the best, according to your needs and budget.

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+86 0755-82593248