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Vehicle Camera Maintenance and How to Prevent Water Damage?

Vehicle camera maintenance for durability, pay attention to these 6 points:

What are the specific maintenance methods of vehicle cameras? Below, we will analyze and introduce them in detail.

  • Avoid pointing vehicle cameras directly at the sun to prevent damage to the image sensor of the vehicle camera.

  • Avoid contact between vehicle cameras and oil, steam, water vapor, humidity, dust, etc.

  • Do not use ordinary cleaners or organic solvents to wipe vehicle cameras.

  • Do not touch the lens with your fingers. If the lens needs cleaning, use a soft brush and an air balloon to remove dust, and then wipe it with a lens paper. If you use hard paper, tissue, or napkin to wipe the lens, it may damage it.

  • Do not pull or twist the connection cable, as it may damage the vehicle camera.

  • When the vehicle camera is not in use for a long time, it is best to cover the lens with a lens cap, or cover the vehicle camera with a cloth. For CMOS lens vehicle cameras, the ambient light should not be too weak during use, otherwise it will affect the imaging effect.

How to do a good job of waterproofing for vehicle cameras?

We believe everyone will wonder what if the vehicle camera encounters rainy weather when buying it? Will it get wet? Now we can show you how vehicle cameras are waterproofed.

After the waterproof camera is made, it also needs to undergo waterproof testing. Vehcle cameras have to pass 6 waterproof tests before they can be shipped. But how can we make a camera not afraid of wind and sun? Because our vehicle cameras are installed outside the car, waterproofing is definitely a topic that everyone pays attention to.

The waterproof camera is filled with waterproof glue, which is the black glue shown above. Many types of cameras use glue for waterproofing. After the casing is installed, pour waterproof glue into it, and after the glue solidifies, it integrates with the camera. Waterproof cameras have not yet appeared on the market that enter water.

Wireless reversing cameras are a very popular topic. With the progress of the times, I believe everyone knows that they must first install a driving recorder when buying a car. However, our vehicle cameras are used with driving recorders. It can test the road, store, monitor, and everyone is familiar with the "faked accidents" that have happened before. But as long as a vehicle camera is installed, the entire picture can be monitored.

In fact, there are many types of vehicle cameras, including vehicle cameras that match with car navigation systems, those that match with driving recorders, and those that can be divided into interior and exterior cameras.

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+86 0755-82593248