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Wearing and Installation of the Camera Body Cam

Body video recorder is the most common law enforcement and evidence collection equipment. In addition to law enforcement departments such as public security and urban management, electric power, construction, railway and other units have also begun to widely use body video recorders to record on-site work. Due to the differences in functional requirements, usage scenarios, personnel clothing, etc., different wearing or installation methods have also been produced.

Ⅰ. The clothing wearing of the camera body worn

Wearing a body video recorder directly on work uniforms, protective clothing, and protective gear is the most common way to use it. In order to suit different clothing, there are a variety of accessories on the market.

1. Shoulder clip

Location: Epaulets, neckline, hand-held, etc., some clothing such as reflective vests, etc., have a special camera body worn fixing belt.

Advantages: low cost, generally standard accessories, no need to purchase separately, easy and fast installation and wearing, adjustable angle, 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

2. Back clip

Location: pocket, neckline, etc.

Advantages: The standard cost is low, the volume is small, the weight is light, and it supports horizontal 360° rotation adjustment.

3, pin back clip

Location: Any position on the chest of the garment, or backpack, handbag, etc.

Advantages: Suitable for clothing without epaulettes and chest pockets, firm installation and anti-fall. The appearance of individual styles is slightly different.

4. Magnetic back clip

Location: clothing, backpacks, etc.

Advantages: It is suitable for protective clothing without epaulettes, chest pockets, or thick material, and the device has strong stability after the body video recorder is installed.

Note: Persons with cardiac bypass are strictly prohibited to use.

5. Leather shoulder clip

Location: Similar to regular plastic or metal shoulder clips.

Advantages: The material is soft, lightweight, supports multi-stop length adjustment, fits the body better, and can alleviate the shaking of the camera body worn.

6. Shoulder lamp clip

Location: Similar to a shoulder clip.

Advantages: Turn on the warning light when wearing it, which can provide flash warning, and the effect is better at night.

7. Safety helmet

Location: hard hats, cycling helmets, fire helmets, etc.

Advantages: wide field of vision, the shooting picture is not easy to be blocked, consistent with the wearer's line of sight, and can accurately record the first angle of view. Commonly used products for security inspection.

Ⅱ. The shoulder strap holster of the camera body worn

In some usage scenarios, the body moves a lot and wears many electronic devices. If you need to wear the body video recorder and other devices more firmly, you can use auxiliary tools such as shoulder straps.

1. Non-slip shoulder straps (single)

Position: Wear on one shoulder on the upper body.

Advantages: non-slip, stable, after wearing, the fit can be adjusted according to the body (shoulder height, waist circumference).

2. Non-slip shoulder straps (double)

Location: Wear on both shoulders on the upper body.

Advantages: non-slip, stable, can adjust the fit (shoulder height, waist circumference) according to the body after wearing, compatible with more devices.

3. Fluorescent shoulder straps (double)

Location: Wear on both shoulders on the upper body.

Advantages: Similar to non-slip shoulder straps, it has good reflection effect at night and can provide long-distance position warning.

4. Leather case

Location: Put the body video recorder in the holster, and then wear it to the buckle position of the shoulder strap. Optional neck straps are also available to hang on the chest.

Advantages: Body-protected camera body cam, waterproof, dustproof, and anti-drop performance have been comprehensively improved, and it is suitable for many models of Dachengwei camera body worn. Building construction, mining operations and other units must buy products.

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+86 0755-82593248