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How to Choose a Body Cam Recorder

Friends who often watch the news know that body cam recorders have played the key role of revealing the truth in various heated events and have played an irreplaceable role in maintaining law enforcement. Therefore, they have become an indispensable tool for law enforcement by various units.

Body worn camera, also known as "body cam recorder", is a kind of audio and video recording equipment that integrates functions of video, photographing, and recording. It is divided into portable recorder, handheld recorder, and vehicle-mounted recorder. The recorder can perfectly record the facts and restore the scene at that time. It is widely used for on-site law enforcement in public security, transportation, urban management, environmental protection, industry and commerce, corporate security, insurance and other sectors. However, with the popularization of law enforcement products on the market, the market for body cam recorders has become larger. In this market with many brands, many companies do not know what law enforcement equipment to choose. Which brand of body cam recorder is better? How to choose a body cam recorder?

In order to ensure fair law enforcement and safeguard people's legitimate rights and interests, the state stipulates that certain units and special departments must wear body cam recorders when performing law enforcement. Therefore, many law enforcement agencies and security departments have purchased a large number of body cam recorders, which have promoted the prosperity of the market of body cam recorders. But the quality is uneven, and how to choose a practical body cam recorder has also become a major problem that plagues various units.

1. Select body cam recorders according to performance and the needs of the unit should be considered

The body cam recorders is used to collect and record on-site situations, and the shooting quality should be good. And because the law enforcement environment is diverse, the protection level of the body cam recorder must be high enough to be able to adapt to various harsh environments. We investigate the well-known brands of body cam recorders on the market. In order to meet the needs of different units, body cam recorder manufacturers will launch models with different advantages and characteristics. When purchasing, basically look at the anti-fall, waterproof performance and image quality, memory and special functions, etc. There are body cam recorders with different security levels in different industries, such as explosion-proof body cam recorders, intrinsic safety type body cam recorders, body cam recorders for police, petrochemicals, etc.

2. Body cam recorders with Good after-sales service and more guarantee

According to the feedback from some units that are using body cam recorders, the problem they care about is actually after-sales service. If there are technical problems or questions, someone can be responsible and solve them. For example, once because the body cam recorder manufacturer cannot provide professional after-sales service, the problems of a law enforcement agency cannot be solved in time. Therefore, it is very important to consider the reputation of the manufacturer.

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+86 0755-82593248