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What Will Affect the Clarity of the Vehicle Camera?

Why are some reversing rear view cameras blurred on the video recorder viewing software, while some car reversing rear view cameras are clearer? What does the sharpness of the reversing cam for a car have to do with it? Today, let's take a look at several factors that affect the clarity of the car rearview camera:

1. The angle and composition of the lens affect the clarity of the vehicle camera

The smaller the angle of the lens, the farther you can see, but the range on both sides is much smaller. Similarly, a lens with a large angle can see a wide range, but compared with a lens with a small angle, the objects at the same apogee are relatively small, so they appear blurry. In short, if the angle is large, only the near place can be seen clearly, and if the angle is small, the distance can be seen clearly, but the scope of seeing is narrow. There are two types of lens structures: glass and plastic lenses. The rear view vehicle camera adopts a lens composed of all glass, and the imaging effect is very good.

2. Lenses of the vehicle camera are divided into color lens and 850 lens based on the spectrum

The color lens is better in color reproduction, but it cannot see infrared light, and can see the light seen by ordinary human eyes, such as LED white light, fluorescent light, etc. The 850 lens can see infrared light, and the color will be somewhat distorted. It is to install an 850 filter on the lens, which is generally used on the vehicle camera of infrared night vision. The color lens is also much sharper than the 850 lens.

3. The chip of the vehicle camera

Different types of vehicle camera chips have different resolutions. The resolution of the chip is generally expressed by the number of lines: 600 lines, 800 lines, 960P, 1080P. The higher the number of lines, the clearer it is. The CCD chip is better than the cmos chip, and the clarity of the CCD chip is good. It has less color deviation, good imaging effect, and high temperature requirements, so it is more harsh for the environment. It is better to use a CCD chip for imaging.

4. The quality of the car camera display affects the clarity

No matter how good a vehicle camera is when used on a bad display device, it will not reflect the real effect. Only when the display device is good, the display effect of the camera can be reflected. The display screens for car monitors, car DVD navigation and portable GPS navigation produced by each manufacturer are various, including digital screens and analog screens. The digital screen and analog screen are divided into various brands of display screens, and some products even use second-hand screens or refurbished screens to make display devices, so the effect is even worse.

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+86 0755-82593248