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What Should We Pay Attention to When Choosing A Vehicle Camera Bracket?

There are generally fixed and unfixed brackets for vehicle cameras. If the bracket is not fixed, the angle and direction of the bracket can be adjusted. There is also a fixed bracket. The fixed bracket cannot adjust the angle and direction. This is also based on customer needs. Some customers need to adjust the bracket, but some people feel that adjusting the bracket will bring unstable effects.

1. Material distinction of the vehicle camera

The bracket of the vehicle camera is actually divided into many materials. Why are the brackets of some vehicle cameras easy to rust? And some brackets will not rust no matter how long you use them.

The brackets used in our vehicle cameras are made of metal, PC, and aluminum alloy. Most choose aluminum alloy material because this is not easy to rust. Iron is the easiest to rust, especially after being beaten by wind and rain.

2. How to install the vehicle camera bracket

How to install the vehicle camera is relatively simple. Generally, there will be a special mounting bracket on the vehicle camera, and there will be a screw hole on the top. This screw hole is the place for the bracket. Then the bracket of the high quality vehicle dvr camera is installed.

3. What is the role of the vehicle camera bracket?

Why does a cam for a car have a bracket? It is because this bracket can be fixed on the car. People install the driving recorder, and the on-board camera is playing the role of video recording. Generally, the cam for a car is installed on the tail of the car or the position of the driver's platform, so it needs a bracket to fix it. Some will be equipped with 3M film, which is easy to paste.

There are also a variety of brackets for vehicle cameras. So before you buy it, you must know what kind of vehicle camera needs to be equipped.

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