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In Which Directions Will Body Worn Camera Develop in the Future?

With the increasing demand for body worn cameras in modern law enforcement work, body worn cameras are changing from traditional types to modern ones. As the law enforcement environment changes, body worn cameras will continue to be upgraded. In the future, the functions of body worn cameras will be more diversified and will also help solve current problems. What direction will body worn cameras develop in the future?

1. Compatibility is getting stronger of body worn cameras

The body worn camera companies state that it is currently required to record the process of investigating cases. The police use body worn cameras to obtain evidence, which greatly satisfies the use of public security in terms of durability, safety, and portability of equipment. The emergence of body worn cameras has effectively solved the problems that have plagued the police for many years. With the globalization of electronic equipment and the widespread use of body worn cameras, it has become a widely used problem-solving equipment in the law enforcement industry.

2. AI intelligence of body worn cameras

With the application of AI facial recognition technology and license plate recognition technology, the actual combat early warning capabilities can be effectively improved.

Through the built-in recognition algorithm, the body worn camera can extract the local facial features/license plate information and compare it with the early warning library of key personnel/key vehicle information built in the body worn camera. At the same time, it outputs matching information and sends out warnings, so as to realize the real-time comparison of human face and license plate and warning in a network-free environment.

Cloud comparison: When the body worn camera detects the human face/license plate, it will automatically capture the facial features/license plate information image, and upload the captured face/license plate information to the back-end analysis platform in real time for cloud comparison and analysis (business linkage). Then, with the help of the huge feature sample library and powerful computing power of the cloud platform, the suspect/vehicle can be quickly identified and targeted, and the result will be returned to the body worn camera to realize human face/license plate recognition and early warning.

3. Modularization and centralization of body worn cameras

In the future, the body worn camera for sale will be more convenient in use, portable, fully functional, and complete. In addition, the products will be more perfect in the future. In the future, the performance of the chip will be more stable, and the clarity of camera shooting will be higher. The technical advantages of body worn cameras are self-evident. The birth of the body-worn camera has played an active role in law enforcement, investigation, letters and visits, fair protection, etc., and has achieved good results. Therefore, system networking will achieve modularity and centralization in the future.

4. Durability of body worn cameras

With the continuous advancement of the rule of law, and the openness and transparency of law enforcement in China's market economy, audio-visual video has been widely used in criminal litigation, civil litigation, administrative litigation and administrative law enforcement, and used as one of modern means of obtaining evidence. Due to the diversity of the law enforcement environment, in the future the body worn camera will adopt a durable design.

Through the above introduction to body worn cameras, it can be seen that in the future body worn cameras will greatly meet the needs of many industries and play an important role in promoting openness in law enforcement.

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+86 0755-82593248