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System Composition and Function of Mobile DVR System

1. System composition of mobile DVR system

Mobile DVR system generally refers to the car monitoring system, which is composed of a car terminal, a transmission network and a monitoring center to form a three-layer networked integrated supervision system, which provides functions such as vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring, and real-time wireless transmission of video images inside and outside the car, quick response to accidents, call command to solve the dynamic management problems of existing vehicles. In the following, mobile DVR system manufacturers will take you to analyze the detailed content of these components.

(1) Vehicle terminal

The vehicle terminal is the front-end equipment of the vehicle monitoring and management system, which is generally installed in various vehicles in secret. The vehicle terminal equipment is mainly composed of various external devices such as vehicle video server, LCD touch screen, external camera, call handle, and automobile anti-theft device.

(2) Monitoring Center

The monitoring center is the core of the dispatching command system. It is a remote visual command and monitoring management platform. It monitors all on-site vehicles and realizes two-way audio and video interactive commands. The electronic map of the monitoring center can display the intuitive location of the vehicle, and through wireless networks carry out the monitoring setting of vehicles. For example, by configuring the PTZ, the vehicle front-end camera can be remotely controlled. At the same time, the monitoring center can realize real-time, centralized, intuitive monitoring and dispatch commands of the operating vehicles in the controllable range, and can link with the 110 and 119 police receiving centers to dispatch police forces to the scene in time to ensure the efficiency of emergency treatment.

(3) Transmission network

Different from the fixed monitoring using wired network, the car steward terminal relies on satellites and base stations to monitor the vehicle.

2. The function of the mobile DVR system

(1) Record and replay the surveillance video. The responsibility for the accident is clear at a glance, and the traffic police can handle the accident quickly and accurately; police can quickly clear the scene to restore the traffic and retain the effective evidence of the incident so as to create a safe and smooth traffic environment.

(2) Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. When crashing with pedestrians who cross the highway, ride bicyclers, and motorcyclist, drivers may be blackmailed. But if they have a mobile DVR system, the drivers can provide effective evidence for themselves.

(3) When the court hears cases of road traffic accidents, it will be more accurate and evidence-based in sentencing and compensation with the help of mobile DVR systems, which will also provide evidence for insurance companies to settle claims.

(4) If every vehicle is equipped with a mobile DVR system, the driver will not dare to illegally drive, the accident rate will also be greatly reduced, and the vehicle in the accident will be filmed by the mobile DVR system of other vehicles, so that the number of traffic accidents and escapes will be greatly reduced.

(5) Friends who like to travel by car can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. Record the time, speed, and location in the video while driving. In this way, it is equivalent to a "black box".

(6) In case of professional blackmail and robbery, the driving recorder will provide decisive evidence for solving the case: the scene of the accident and the appearance of the criminal.

(7) Since journalists are not prophets, almost all news about the fall of a Russian meteorite is recorded by a mobile DVR recorder.

(8) It can be used as a DV for shooting at home for the fun of life, or used for home monitoring. Mobile DVR system manufacturers suggest that they can also be used for parking monitoring.

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+86 0755-82593248