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    Transit bus camera systems can deter criminals and prevent crimes to a certain extent. Moreover, once criminal cases such as theft and robbery occur, the video data captured by the camera can also be used to quickly track down the murderer and provide strong evidence to draw a clear line of responsibility. At the same time, the installation of transit cameras not only helps to quickly detect general crimes, but also helps quickly detect major crimes such as terrorist attacks and hostage-taking.

    Although the transit bus camera systems help to ensure the safety of passengers, some citizens still worry that their privacy will be violated. In fact, the issue of infringing on passenger privacy is also a false proposition. You must know that buses, roads and squares belong to the public environment. If you are not acting properly, you should not blame the camera. It is impossible for the camera to fundamentally solve the public security problem, but it can solve the public security problem as effectively as possible.

Advantages of Transit Bus Camera System

    Anyone can install cameras on the bus. We provide a complete video surveillance system that not only protects the driver and passengers, but also improves the efficiency of the fleet. Our transit bus camera system allows you to capture what is happening on the bus at any time and safely access video clips when needed. View bus location, signal and speed through video, and wirelessly access data to ensure the safety of operators, passengers and pedestrians.

1. Collect video evidence

Obtain defensible data to reduce risk and liability, and refute false claims. Use high-definition cameras to capture details in any light conditions and manage recordings with an easy-to-use evidence management system. Our 1080p mobile DVR can capture lots of camera views, audio and vehicle telemetry data, providing you with a complete picture of each event.

2. Investigate incidents faster

Quickly find and download the video evidence, including vehicle speed, direction, signal, emergency braking and GPS location.

3. Reduce fraudulent claims

Capture and record everything on the bus with high resolution to identify fraudulent claims and reduce insurance expenditures.

Installation of Transit Bus Camera

    The Transit Bus Camera system installed on the bus can monitor the conditions inside and outside the bus in real time, helping bus drivers drive safely and prevent accidents. So how to arrange the on-board camera on the bus to monitor the area that needs to be monitored in all directions and without blind spots?

1. Installed on the console to act as a driving recorder for buses, which can take real-time pictures of the road and road traffic information, and provide evidence and divide responsibilities in the event of an accident;

2. Installed above the driver's position to monitor passenger information in the driving area and on the door;

3. Installed at the front of the bus, you can take a panoramic view of the bus compartment. If there are special circumstances in the compartment, the back-end system personnel can keep track of the situation in the bus at any time;

4. Installed in the upper-middle position of the lower door in the bus, the passenger information is transmitted to the car display monitor in front of the driver, which is convenient for the driver to open and close the door;

5. Installed on the top of the rear of the bus. During driving or reversing, the signal of the camera clearly displays the monitoring situation around the rear of the bus on the monitor (onboard monitor). The driver can easily grasp the scene of the rear of the bus at any time.

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+86 0755-82593248