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Analysis of the Principle and Characteristics of Vehicle Camera

The vehicle camera is a product device used to obtain audio and video effects on vehicles, which plays an important role in road traffic supervision and vehicle safety. In some cases, it can also provide real-time video and audio credentials.

Ⅰ. The working principle of the camera for a car

The power of the car rearview camera is connected to the rear light of the car. When the reverse gear is engaged, the cam for a car will supply power synchronously and enter the working state. The collected video information will be sent to the wireless receiver at the front of the car through the extension cable or wireless transmitter. The receiver transmits the video information to the GPS navigator through the AVIN interface, so that when the receiver receives the signal, no matter what kind of operation interface the GPS navigator is in, it will give priority to the LCD screen for the reversing image video.

Ⅱ. Features of vehicle camera

1. Chip

CCD and CMOS chip are important components of vehicle camera. They can be divided into CCD and CMOS according to different components. CMOS is mainly used in products with low image quality. Its advantage is that its manufacturing cost and power consumption are lower than CCD. Its disadvantage is that CMOS camera has high requirements for light source; CCD is a high-end technical component used in photography and camera. It is also attached with a video capture card.

There is a big gap between CCD and CMOS in technology and performance. Generally speaking, the CCD effect is better, but the price is also more expensive. It is recommended to choose the CCD camera without considering the cost.


2. Waterproof

The products of vehicle cameras basically have waterproof function to avoid being eroded by rain and ensure their normal performance


3. Night vision

The night vision effect is related to the clarity of the product. The higher the clarity, the worse the night vision effect will be. This is because of the chip itself. However, good quality products have night vision function and will not affect the object presentation effect. Although the color will be worse, clarity is not a problem.

4. Clarity

Clarity is one of the important indicators to measure the vehicle camera. Generally speaking, the image quality of products with high definition will be better. At present, the products with high definition of 720p have become the most popular vehicle cameras products. It needs to be used together with ahd display screen.

RECODA Mobile DVR can be connected with 4-8 on-board cameras, including rear view camera for reversing.

However, according to the chip level of each vehicle camera and the different photosensitive elements, including the level of debugging technicians, the quality effects of products with the same chip and the same level may be different. On the contrary, the night vision effect of products with high definition will be deduced.

In a word, when selecting the cam for a car, we can consider the above aspects. The most important thing is to compare the actual effect of the image and make the most use of its performance.

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+86 0755-82593248