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Key Points and Operation Process of 4G Bodycam Recorder

Ⅰ. How to use the 4G portable video recorder to better enforce the law?

1. First of all, it must be worn and used correctly, and it can be used immediately after starting work; whether it is in different scenarios such as law enforcement, construction work, on-duty or survey, it must be turned on and worn on the Internet;

2. As an important tool for collecting audio and video evidence, the body- worn video recorder should be recorded from the beginning to the end of the case.

That is, arrive at the scene and start recording; if there is an interruption during the period, the portable video recorder shall add a voice explanation to the reason for the interruption when recording again, and issue a written explanation if necessary.

3. The recorded video is strictly managed, and it cannot be compared and provided without approval, and the violation will be held accountable.

4. For the preservation of video, 4G bodycam, for customers who use wireless uploading, try to upload it once a day or within a specified date to prevent the memory from being full and unable to be used normally; if it is exported by computer, a special person is required to ensure the preservation of the data.

5. Recharge in time and keep in standby state when the portable video recorder is not in use.

Ⅱ. The use of smart portable video recorder 4G

1. Develop a good habit of using the portable video recorder at hand. At the critical moment, this is the most powerful evidence when our policeman proves his innocence.

2. Don't have any resistance to the portable video recorder, thinking it is a tool to restrain us. In fact, the most fundamental purpose of public security, traffic and other law enforcement departments to promote the use of body video recorders is to protect the safety of personnel during law enforcement.

3. Try to prepare as many sets as possible during law enforcement operations, shoot from multiple angles, and supplement them in time to avoid omissions.

Ⅲ. Introduction to the operation of the 4g business process of the portable video recorder

As a typical portable law enforcement equipment, the body- worn video recorder , after integrating 4G communication, bid farewell to the front-end isolation in the past, and relies on the back-end command platform to realize visual command.

As the functions of smart terminals become more and more powerful, law enforcement equipment is also upgraded. The use of body video recorders should give full play to its advantages, be familiar with its operating procedures, and fully integrate the functions of body video recorders into the business process of law enforcement officers.

From the front-end operation of 4G portable video recorder, law enforcement officers carry the equipment out for work every day, and the touch screen operation is fast and convenient.

When the device is turned on, it will automatically log in when there is an alarm situation. When there is an alarm situation, one-click to start recording, one-click to stop recording, or continuous recording during attendance, two modes can be selected as needed.

One-click capture, in case of emergency, one-click SOS alarm, quickly establish audio and video connections, and the entire law enforcement process does not require complicated and cumbersome operations.

After the law enforcement process is over, you can insert the acquisition station to read the device, or choose to manually upload the law enforcement platform directly on the 4G device of the body video recorder, and store it directly to the server.

The visual audio and video command management platform is used by the leaders of the monitoring center. Nowadays, there are higher requirements for visualization in real time. The visualization of the distribution of police personnel and the visualization of the law enforcement process supports the visual command system.

The application of the entire system is not limited to this. The online police officers can be viewed through the platform. As long as the device is turned on, the live audio and video can be retrieved at any time.

And even if you don't carry the on-site body video recorder device, you can check the last duty time and last location information of this device.

For the storage management of audio and video, the device can be directly stored on the platform, and later through time retrieval query, or through the collection station method, through the time, location, police number and other information retrieval.

The operation of the whole system is analyzed from the perspective of actual operation. The operation of the system is simple and satisfied with real-time visual command.

From the perspective of daily use, to give full play to the advantages of the system, it is necessary to fully integrate the functions of each module of the system into law enforcement operations.

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+86 0755-82593248