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H.265 Dual Drive Chip Body Camcorder M520

M520 is an Andriod system body camera with 4G GPS wifi optional function, RECODA pioneered dual-chip technology, H.265 high-performance code technology, AES 256 encryption and advanced face recognition solutions.

1. Introduction to the functions of the body cam recorder M520 Product parameters

DSJ-RKXM6 (internal model M520, hereinafter referred to as M520), this device is loaded with many new technologies based on the Android system.

With the VMMS background command and dispatch management platform independently developed by our company, the M520 body video recorder can bring more advanced law enforcement experience to law enforcement units, thereby further improving management efficiency.

Because the front-end and back-end software are independently developed, with strong R&D strength, we can quickly realize various personalized customization needs and provide continuous, stable and reliable after-sales service.

2. The world's first body cam recorder M520, dual-core drive

The M520 is equipped with both Huawei HiSilicon and MTK dual-core cores, which is the first in the world. Through the dual-core cores, they can fully utilize their respective advantages in different application scenarios. The chip is one of the core components of the terminal and the key to smart devices.

This machine adopts the Android9.0 operating system, and the 4G body cam recorder supports multiple networks of different 4G frequency bands, covering most of the world.

At the same time, it supports 2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz dual-band WIFI access, and can install various application software to realize the mobile, remote and intelligent law enforcement office.

3. The new technology of M520 body cam recorder, wireless charging

The M520 has a built-in wireless charging module, which can be picked up and put down at any time to charge and replenish power whether in the office or in the car. It is safe, simple and convenient, and improves the battery life of the device.

At the same time, it can be matched with the wireless data acquisition station independently developed and designed by our company, wireless charging, wireless data transmission, truly wireless operation, convenient and simple.

4. The body cam recorder M520 adopts H.265 video compression technology

M520 adopts H.265 video compression technology. Compared with the traditional H.264 technology, the compression ratio is higher, the video file is smaller, the image quality is higher, and 1080P high-definition video recording can be achieved.

5. The M520 body cam recorder adopts AI empowerment and intelligent identification

The M520 integrates a high-precision face recognition algorithm, which can realize face recognition detection in the front-end and back-end video streams at the same time, and interactively compare with the back-end database, so that the suspect can be quickly located.

At the same time, it also integrates the license plate recognition algorithm, and the body video recorder M520 can also quickly capture the real-time warning of suspected vehicles in turbulent traffic.

6. Small body of M520 body cam recorder, long battery life

As a 4G body cam recorder, we have made the size 90mm*54.5mm*30mm extremely lightweight, the body weight is as low as 145 grams, the built-in 3500mah polymer lithium battery, the longest continuous recording can reach 15h, and it is durable.

7. M520 body cam recorder with dual front and rear cameras, high-definition picture quality

It has 2 zoom high-definition cameras at the front and rear, which can meet a variety of application scenarios, so that meetings and on-duty are all available. The video information recorded and transmitted can reach 1080P high-definition image quality, which can better record the details of the scene;

The super wide-angle camera supports video forensics to capture large-view pictures, and the scene information is more abundant. Even the details that cannot be captured by the naked eye can still be vividly seen in front of the camera lens;

Distortion repair makes the presentation of information more realistic. With a stable and clear picture and sparse details, there will be on-site restoration that is comparable to going back in time.

8. The body cam recorder M520 can SOS one-key alarm, can PTT cluster intercom

When the front-line personnel are in an emergency, after pressing the SOS button, the alarm will be automatically sent to the command center screen to establish an audio and video connection, simultaneous interpretation and recording, and display the location of the terminal, which can provide emergency support and deal with emergency incidents.

By cooperating with our company's VMMS command and dispatch platform, it has the functions of single call, group call, group call and temporary emergency call.

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+86 0755-82593248