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Vehicle Camera

As a professional car camera manufacturer, RECODA supplies 1080P/960P and 720p HD high quality vehicle dvr camera featuring high definition, IP67 waterproof, night vision, etc.  RECODA auto dvr camera system can offer you a clear front view, rear view, side view around the vehicle through different types of in-car cameras. With the experienced R&D support, we also offer ODM & OEM services for our vehicle dvr camera.

What Is a Vehicle Camera

A vehicle camera, also known as a car camera or automotive camera, is a device specifically designed to capture video footage and sometimes audio inside or around a vehicle. The vehicle security camera is installed in vehicles to provide various benefits such as safety, security, and documentation.

Advantages of Recoda Vehicle Dvr System

Recoda is a reputable and professional car camera manufacturer based in China. With a focus on providing high-quality vehicle surveillance solutions, Recoda has gained recognition in the industry for its reliable and innovative vehicle dvr camera products.

As a leading car camera factory, Recoda offers a wide range of advanced camera systems designed to enhance safety, security, and overall vehicle management. Our vehicle dvr system cater to various applications, including private vehicles, commercial fleets, public transportation, law enforcement, and more.

Recoda's products boasts impressive features, cutting-edge technology and competitive car security camera price. We prioritize video quality, ensuring clear and detailed footage in different lighting conditions. Our high quality vehicle dvr camera often incorporates high-resolution sensors, wide-angle lenses, and advanced image processing capabilities to capture critical information accurately.

Appliction of Car Monitoring Camera

Accident Documentation

Car dvr camera system is often used to document accidents and provide valuable evidence in insurance claims. They record video footage of the road ahead and can help determine fault in case of a collision or other incidents.

Safety and Security

Car monitoring cameras can enhance safety and security while driving. They can capture reckless driving behavior, such as speeding or sudden lane changes, which can be reported to the authorities. Additionally, the presence of a visible dashcam can act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism.

Insurance Purposes

Some insurance companies offer discounts or benefits to drivers who have installed dashcams. These auto dvr camera system provides objective evidence of accidents and can help resolve disputes quickly, potentially reducing insurance premiums or expediting claim settlements.

Driver Training and Monitoring

Car monitoring camera can be used in driver training programs, providing an opportunity for instructors to review a student's driving skills and offer constructive feedback. Car dvr system can also be used by fleet managers to monitor the driving behavior of their employees and promote safe driving practices.

FAQs of Vehicle Camera

Surveillance camera lens angle calculation

The angle of view depends on the lens, also if it is 1/3 or 1/4. The following table shows the corresponding relationship between the number of millimeters of the lens and the angle of view of the CCD or CMOS.

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+86 0755-82593248