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On-Site Law Enforcement Cameras Help Police Collect Evidence in a Timely Manner

In order to further regulate judicial behavior, comprehensively promote the standardization and informatization construction of court justice, effectively solve the on-site electronic discovery problems that judicial police and front-line law enforcement personnel are troubled with, as well as the difficulties of safeguarding police officers. The court has equipped each commercial court with facilities, and on-site law enforcement personnel are equipped with high-definition law enforcement cameras.

Advantages of applying law enforcement camera

A Law Enforcement Camera is a portable judicial evidence collection device that combines synchronous audio and video recording and internal communication and voice messaging functions. It can record the dynamics and digital records of police judicial procedures. The police wear it on their chests to perform judicial records, which can objectively, truly, fairly, and accurately shoot and collect evidence on legal documents, case execution, investigation and evidence collection.

The court is equipped with an on-site law enforcement camera, which is very compact and lightweight. Compared with the previous law enforcement camera, the instrument has been upgraded and redesigned. It is small in size and light in weight, and will not bring any burden to law enforcement personnel. The material of the outer casing is made of high-strength pressure-resistant and anti-drop materials. The bright and majestic appearance is very complementary to the fair and law enforcement attitude of law enforcement personnel.

At the same time, the RECODA 4g law enforcement camera also has high-strength dust-proof, waterproof, and high-temperature resistance functions, and can still be used normally in environments of 40°C-60°C. It can effectively prevent harmful dust accumulation, can eliminate the damage caused by liquid splashing on the shell from any direction, and will not affect the work of law enforcement personnel due to adverse external environments.

Role of body camera for law enforcement 

The on-site law enforcement camera has the function of shooting high-definition pixel ultra-high-definition video recording. It is equipped with a large-angle lens several times larger than ordinary visual angles. It can not only accommodate a wider field of view, but also show depth direction. More profound scenes show the subject of the image and the environment it is in, making the on-site evidence collection or shooting record more comprehensive and accurate.

This 4g law enforcement camera can also be connected to a camera, which is more conducive to saving evidence, and effectively ensures the personal safety of front-line law enforcement personnel. At the same time, the recorder also has the function of preventing misoperation, avoiding the wrong exposure of law enforcement personnel in emergency situations, further strengthening the safety protection of law enforcement personnel.

When you see the on-site law enforcement recorder, you can not only record the words and deeds of police in the judicial process, but also achieve silent supervision, eliminate arbitrary justice, promote fair justice, improve the quality of trials, and improve the credibility of justice. At the same time, the on-site law enforcement recorder can accurately record the behavior of the parties, play a warning, deterrence and restraint role, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of police officers in the judicial process, effectively solving the difficulties and problems encountered by police in the judicial process.

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+86 0755-82593248