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Body Cam Recorders Improve Work Efficiency for Law Enforcement Officers

In recent years, the law enforcement environment has become more and more complex. In the process of law enforcement, imaging equipment is required to restore the scene. More and more law enforcement departments have begun to purchase and use body cam recorders to maintain the authority of public officials. and the legitimate interests of the people.

1. Advantages of using a body cam recorder

In terms of performance, the body cam recorder has the function of high-definition pixel shooting and ultra-clear video recording. With a 120° super wide-angle lens, it can not only accommodate scenes with a wider field of view, but also show more far-reaching scenes in the depth direction, showing the subject of the picture and its location. environment, making on-site forensics or shooting records more comprehensive and accurate.

The shell material is made of high-strength, pressure-resistant and drop-resistant materials, with high-strength dust-proof and waterproof functions, which will not affect the work of law enforcement officers due to the harsh external environment. The unique 4G real-time transmission brings the body cam recorder into a new era of intelligence. It supports the whole Netcom network and long-distance transmission, which greatly improves the rapid response ability and control ability of law enforcement agencies to various emergencies, and can also improve the security of the entire law enforcement process.

2. The body cam recorder to achieve efficient law enforcement

The trend of modern traditional law enforcement equipment is to focus on prevention and real-time efficient processing, supplemented by post-event investigation. Therefore, law enforcement must have both mobility and real-time characteristics in order to make reasonable decisions on illegal and criminal incidents at the first time. deal with. This puts forward higher requirements for related the camera body cam, and urgently needs law enforcement equipment that is more in line with the needs of the times.

4G body cam recorder is a body cam recorder that can meet the needs of real-time law enforcement. Relying on the increasingly perfect 4G network, it can achieve real-time transmission of wireless video, real-time intercom with the command center, and sharing of real-time location information.

With the 4G smart body cam recorder, mobile law enforcement can be realized, and the background real-time command can deal with illegal and criminal incidents at the first time, which is truly real-time and efficient.

Our company as a professional body camera manufacturer and international mobile dvr supplier, we specialize in manufacturing, research and development of 4G body worn cameras for police and law enforcement agencies, and more mobile for buses, taxis, trucks, police cars DVRS over 10 years.

At present, Recoda body cameras and MDVR products are exported to America, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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+86 0755-82593248