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How Much Do You Know About the Technology of Live Law Enforcement Cameras?

1. The technology of on-site law enforcement cameras

With the recent rise of IoT technology, a clear and unified international standard has not yet been formed on a global scale. IoT is a communication network that connects common physical objects whose addresses can be found.

The business nature of different units is different, and the functional requirements of on-site law enforcement cameras are also different, but the most basic functions are nothing more than video recording, recording and connecting walkie-talkies.

On this basis, other functions have been expanded and improved. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a trend for law enforcement camera production units to enter the non-police market first; secondly, this new market is also the key to both opportunities and challenges.

In accordance with the requirements of the country to build a harmonious society and the rule of law, the police equipment industry has become a leader in the industry. As a new star of police equipment, the market for the body camera for law enforcement is far from this.

Many users now propose that the on-site law enforcement camera should have the characteristics of large viewing angle, good video quality, long battery life, easy portability, light weight, and stable performance.

2. The function of law enforcement cameras on-site law enforcement records

Live law enforcement cameras are law enforcement recording devices widely equipped by judicial authorities, and live law enforcement cameras perform static and dynamic digital recordings throughout the entire process of law enforcement.

Law enforcement cameras play an important role in regulating grass-roots law enforcement behavior, improving law enforcement efficiency, and strengthening law enforcement.

3. What are standard definition, high definition and ultra-high definition in live law enforcement cameras?

At present, the mainstream products on the market are still being upgraded and adjusted based on high-definition. Most body cameras have the ability to loop, and the recommended loop shooting time is about 1 minute.

Because the shooting time is too long, once the memory card is overwritten, it is easy to affect the file for a long time. If the shooting time is too short, the owner will not find the record.

The recording time is related to the built-in and external storage of the product. The length of the body camera for law enforcement is related to the capacity of the memory card. It generally supports SD card or TF card, up to 512G.

The higher the definition, the more memory it takes.

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+86 0755-82593248