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Selection of Cars Cam and Market Development Analysis

1. How to choose a right cam for a car?

Cars cam are the most commonly used car supplies nowadays. How do we choose when selecting a cam for a car?

When people buy things, they tend to look at the appearance first, and cars cams are no exception. First of all, we should check whether the appearance is good, whether it is beautiful and convenient to install on our car, and whether the cam for a car is easy to break. Due to the improper design of the appearance of some cameras, they appear out of place when installed on the car, which also affects the use.

The cars cams are also divided into the camera outside the car and the camera inside the car. The camera in the car generally does not need to be waterproof, but the camera outside the car needs to be waterproof. It should not be effected on rainy days. So we also need to test the waterproof function of the cars cam. If the waterproof camera is not well done, it is easy to short-circuit when it encounters rain, and the cam for a car will have a black screen.

The most important thing is of course its picture effect. Whether the picture is clear, whether the screen will be blurred during use, or there will be vignetting, or other phenomena such as streaks will affect the effect of the picture.

2. The cam for a car is more than a part

The cam for a car is not only an accessory of the car, but also the "eye of a smart car." Thanks to the boom in autonomous driving, the car surveillance camera market has grown rapidly.

With the advent of the era of autonomous driving after 2020, cars cams will become more popular.

The cars cam is specially equipped with multi-directional vehicle monitoring equipment. The front end, the front of the car, the front door, the driving position, the front and rear of the aisle, etc. can realize all-round safety and no dead-angle monitoring, achieving the effect of real-time monitoring. At the same time, it is also connected with an on-board alarm switch and a digital walkie-talkie to avoid various unfavorable factors that may occur in long-distance driving.

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+86 0755-82593248