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What About the Overall Functional Advantages of Live Law Enforcement Cameras?

With the rapid development of urbanization, China's public security situation and conditions have also become increasingly complex. Therefore, in order to improve the ability of criminal police to handle cases, to better promote the efficiency of case-handling work, and to make police work more convenient, the application of law enforcement cameras can be said to be very extensive and can also exert very powerful functional advantages.

1. Law enforcement cameras work normally in various environments

On-site law enforcement uses a body-worn video recorder in the process of working. Able to perform daily work normally in various environments. And it can guarantee that the recording effect is very clear.

2. The image captured by the law enforcement camera is clear

In the dark night environment, because the law enforcement camera has a built-in infrared light, it can ensure that the image is still clear, and it can also make the shooting process easier, and it can also be directly played back on the spot, and can also be transmitted directly, through the background software for protection.

The reason why the police must use law enforcement cameras in the process of handling cases is that they can have better results in the process of on-site recording, and the recorder has a lot of functions, such as digital camera, camera and recording functions. All in one, and can also have an intercom function, the overall weight is very light and small in size, and it is also very simple and easy during the wearing process, which can ensure better use advantages.

Law enforcement cameras can also play a very good use effect, not only can make the overall advantages of use more perfect, but also can guarantee better functions when used in various environments, and the process of law enforcement cameras recording The medium is also particularly stable, which can ensure that the image screen is very clear and intuitive.

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+86 0755-82593248