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Police Body Cam Recorder: 4G Integrated Management Platform Solution

Ⅰ. The current status of the body cam recorder

With the increase of contradictions in the social transformation, the pressure on public security governance has increased sharply, and the public security organs are increasingly faced with many challenges in law enforcement.

On the one hand, once the police's violent law enforcement and closed law enforcement are exposed in reality, public opinion will question and criticize the abuse of police power;

On the other hand, when the public's personal safety is in trouble and the public order is in chaos, public opinion will accuse the police of dereliction of duty. This seemingly "dilemma" of public opinion makes public security and law enforcement face dual challenges of authority and effectiveness.

At present, the body cam recorder can not only effectively promote the police's standard, fair and civilized law enforcement, but also effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the police, and become a "sharp weapon" for the grass-roots front-line police to carry out law enforcement work.

However, although most of the existing body-worn video recorders can record the audio and video of the scene, they cannot transmit images in real time, nor have global GPS positioning. function, resulting in low practical use-value.

Ⅱ. The purpose of the construction of the 4G body cam recorder

Build a 4G integrated management platform for body-worn video recorders to realize the global positioning and 4G wireless image transmission functions of the police when on duty;

The video and audio are recorded on the spot, and the recorded data is uploaded to the system database, which can realize the functions of storage, cataloging, retrieval, management, assessment, research and judgment, etc. The body cam recorder 4g achieves the following management purposes:

1. Real-time positioning: realize the wireless real-time positioning of the police;

2. Real-time image transmission: The management platform and the police conduct real-time video transmission and voice intercom.

3. Timeliness: Improve the timeliness of inspections and law enforcement by law enforcement officers through network video surveillance. On the one hand, network real-time monitoring has a complementary effect on the inspection work of the unit;

On the other hand, when an accident occurs, the leader can respond in time, and the 4g body video recorder can monitor the front-end scene in real time and communicate with the front-line law enforcement officers through the large screen.

4. Safety: Monitoring through electronic equipment can improve the safety of the entire law enforcement process and ensure the personal safety of law enforcement officers.

Ⅲ. What is the 4G system of body cam recorder?

The 4G body cam recorder system platform solution is mainly composed of a 4G body cam recorder (video camera function, 4G transmission function, positioning function, etc.), management server, and client management software.

Realize the transformation of body video recorder from a single use mode to a networked, systematic and intelligent, maximize the comprehensive effect of law enforcement data, and easily complete the tedious law enforcement data supervision work.

The body cam recorder 4g realizes the compression of the collected audio and video information through H.264 encoding, stores the information, and transmits the real-time audio and video images to the background monitoring center through the 4G network;

The management server implements unified classification, storage, and forwarding of video streams and audio information; the client management software implements functions such as video browsing, intercom monitoring, and map positioning.

Ⅳ. Application and function of 4g system of body cam recorder

In the real environment, due to the unpredictable and uncontrollable occurrence of various emergencies and various mass events, in the process of occurrence and development of many incidents, commanders cannot arrive at the scene in time to solve and deal with them. 

Utilizing the remote transmission function of the 4G wireless transmission system of the body cam recorder greatly improves our ability to respond quickly and control various events.

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+86 0755-82593248