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Vehicle Camera Plays an Important Role in Realizing ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Vehicle camera plays an important role in realizing ADAS and autonomous driving. The vehicle panoramic image system composed of on-board cameras can greatly improve the safety and convenience of driving.

1. The use of panoramic surround view system and vehicle camera camera

The panoramic surround view system provides car drivers with more intuitive driving image information, that can quickly and accurately find difficult-to-observe situations near the vehicle, and achieve precise driving control. It helps improve driving safety and reduce scratches, especially for novice drivers.

The panoramic surround view system covers all fields of vision around the vehicle by setting 4 to 8 wide-angle and high-sensitivity car cameras around the vehicle. The images collected from the front and rear of the vehicle at the same time, will be converted into digital information and then be sent to the video synthesis processing part.

After the distortion reduction of the image processing unit → perspective conversion → image stitching → image enhancement, the system is converted into a model, and the analog signal output generates a 360-degree top view of the car body, which is finally displayed on the center console screen so that the driver can check the vehicle clearly whether there are obstacles around, know the relative direction and distance of the obstacles, so as to help the driver to park easily.

2. Panoramic vehicle camera system

Through the panoramic display, you can also get a single view on either side, and accurately locate the position and judge the distance of obstacles with ruler lines. Adas collects the safe driving information of surrounding vehicles by controlling the vehicle camera. The panoramic vehicle camera system collects the surrounding influence information of vehicles by controlling the body camera to realize safe parking. The two systems work independently throughout the driving process.

The perspective of the panoramic system will move dynamically according to the driving track and provide 360 degree pictures around the vehicle. Typically, LVDS or fast Ethernet and other cost-effective links are used to deploy four to five high dynamic range (HDR) 1 megapixel vehicle cameras.

Video compression is often used to reduce the required communication bandwidth and cabling requirements (for example, unshielded twisted pair or coaxial cable can be used) and other system requirements include multi port LVDS or Ethernet switch, power supply, integrated DRAM for fast access to external memory and embedded flash for reducing system cost.

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+86 0755-82593248