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Analysis of the Function and Maintenance of the Cam for a Car

Ⅰ. What is the function of the cam for a car?

In the process of our car driving, the vehicle camera can present the functions of video and audio in real time, which provides a more scientific basis for our handling and positioning of traffic accidents, and fully guarantees our property and personal safety.

Features of car HD camera:

1. It provides reliable evidence for the analysis and determination of traffic accidents.

2. The vehicle camera is convenient for drivers and passengers to check the situation in the car.

3. The vehicle camera provides a basis for dealing with problems such as passenger disputes, finding lost items, and anti-robbery and theft in the car.

4. The vehicle camera provides monitoring of the environment inside and outside the vehicle, and provides safety guarantee for the driving of the vehicle.

Ⅱ. The maintenance method to make the car camera more durable

1. Do not point the vehicle camera directly at the sun, so as not to damage the image sensing device of the vehicle camera.

2. Avoid contact with oil, steam, moisture, and dust, etc.

3. Do not use ordinary cleaners or organic solvents to wipe the vehicle camera.

4. Never touch the lens with your fingers. If the lens needs cleaning, use a soft brush and blower to remove dust, then wipe with lens tissue. It is very easy to damage the lens if you wipe it with cardboard, paper towels, or napkins.

5. Do not pull or twist the cable, which may cause damage to the vehicle camera.

6. When the vehicle camera is not used for a long time, it is best to cover the lens, or cover the vehicle camera with a cloth.

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