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 law enforcement cameras are widely used

Law enforcement cameras are widely used in daily work life, especially in the police system, law enforcement cameras are also very important police equipment, can play a very good functional characteristics. For example, you can carry out live screen recording, and can be used directly as a recorder for recording, the most important thing is that it is convenient, compact and portable, so in the process of various cases will be widely used.

Professional formal law enforcement camera manufacturers and body cam manufacturers produce law enforcement cameras, in the process of use, can also play a good effect, and product quality can be better guaranteed, the most critical is that there can be more model specifications to meet the different needs of everyone, can play a targeted use of advantages and characteristics, so that the police equipment function to show.

The advantageous role of the law enforcement use of portable video recorders

Law enforcement with a portable video recorder in the process of filming, you can ensure that the picture is very clear, and at night can be normal filming, you can ensure that the effect is perfect, for a variety of important evidence can be reasonably preserved, and in the field playback and post playback process, you can ensure that the file is in an encrypted state, so you do not have to worry about the loss of data, and to ensure that the file will not be tampered with.

Can fundamentally ensure that our recorded information is more impartial and authoritative, in the process of investigation after the fact, can also directly provide a very professional field recording information, can make the case command and detection and prosecution forensics will have a better role in promoting the police in a variety of different work process, can easily be used, so play a better work meaning, and play a very important role in the function.

RECODA is one of the leading mobile surveillance system suppliers in China today. As a professional walkaround camera manufacturer and international mobile dvr supplier, we have been producting high-quality police camera china for a long time. We specialize in the manufacture, development of walkaround cameras for police and law enforcement agencies, and mobile dvrs for buses, cabs, trucks, police cars more than 10 years.

At present, Recoda Walkman and MDVR products are exported to the United States, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries. Welcome to inquire.

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3F, Sixth Plant, Tangzhong Industrial Park, Hengnan Road, Gushu, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
+86 0755-82593248