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What Role Does the Wearable Body Camera Play in Law Enforcement?

The wearable body camera is a high-tech product designed and developed according to the actual needs of law enforcement agencies. It integrates the functions of digital photography, digital camera, and intercom microphone. It can digitally record the dynamic and static on-site situation of the law enforcement process. It is suitable for law enforcement in various environments in industries such as drug supervision, transportation, urban management, and food supervision. It is an indispensable guardian for law enforcement personnel. Let's take a look at what role the wearable body camera plays in law enforcement.

1. Wearable body camera as the role of "recorder"

In order to enable each case, dispute, and incident to be dealt with objectively and fairly, the police use wearable body camera to objectively record the scenes one by one, providing a series of work such as case identification, liability determination, and mediation after the incident with the basis that "there are evidences to refer to and there are laws to follow", which plays the role of fixed evidence. If you have objections to the case, you can access the relevant file data recorded by the on-site wearable body camera, effectively avoiding the negative impact of complaints and reviews on law enforcement due to lack of evidence.

2. Wearable body camera as the role of a "notary"

As front-line policemen, in law enforcement activities, they often encounter situations where law enforcement is obstructed by violent or non-violent means. Some falsely accuse the police to vent their dissatisfaction after being dealt with, and there are also complaints or request of review to the police caused by law enforcement disputes. When relevant departments conduct corresponding investigations, first of all, the offenders often refuse to recognize their obstruction to law enforcement. Besides, the police as a party cannot testify alone or may have insufficient evidence. At this time, using the reveal body worn camera to record the audiovisual materials of the police's law enforcement process can objectively restore the truth of the matter, which can effectively protect the lawful rights and interests of the police, and can also solve the problem of unreasonable troubles and malicious complaints by some personnel. At the same time, it can also effectively crack down on illegal acts that hinder the execution of official duties.

3. Wearable body camera as the role of "supervisor"

When the police participate in the on-site handling of emergencies and mass incidents, the pre-treatment of public security criminal cases, and the mediation of disputes, they often encounter crowds onlookers and clamor, and some are even besieged by relatives and friends of criminals. If the police can use the wearable body camera in time and inform the on-site personnel in advance, so that they realize that their every move, every word and deed will be recorded and filmed, and then they will be afraid to conduct bad behavior, which will play a role of silent supervision and deterrence, and provide a strong guarantee for the normal law enforcement activities of the police.

4. Wearable body camera as the role of "goalkeeper"

In accordance with the regulations on the use of wearable body camera, the police must "carry it for work and use it on duty". Since all words and deeds are recorded in real time, after the wearable body camera is put into use, the police have the consciousness to improve the awareness of law enforcement norms in their work, always remind themselves to use standardized law enforcement actions and law enforcement language, and do not exceed the bottom line of laws and regulations. Especially when faced with a complex and harsh law enforcement environment, it can urge the police to exercise restraint and work meticulously and patiently, which not only regulates police law enforcement activities, but also eliminates phenomena of the police including lax law enforcement, unfair law enforcement, and fraudulent practices during the law enforcement process.

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