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Product Overview

M601 car digital video recorder is a four-channel high-definition digital video recorder.

It adopts SD card to take high quality driving record, video surveillance, etc. By 2.4G wireless remote control, this product can be installed in any location. It makes driving more convenient through this intelligent traffic trigger the display function.






High-definition video recording and display

Real time H264 encoding and decoding

4-channel D1 quality video recording, playback and display

Video quality and compression ratio adjustable

NTSC / PAL video output standard

Dual mode. High quality record and display simultaneously.

Multi-display mode, 4-screen, single screen and main screen display mode

Easy to use the SD card recording media, with largest capacity of 32G SD Card

Cyclic covering documents recording feature and document release function

Shutdown delay recording function

Inetl ligent car reversing, steering trigger display control

2.4G wireless remote control

File real-time clock watermark feature

Light to use



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