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A car dvr is a device that can take video from your car, it usually sits on car's windshield face forward and continually record video (normally 30fps) while your car is running.

So, here comes the question, do we need a car dvr? Well, let's face the truth, we are human, no one can guarantee that he/she can drive safely without having any accident in his/her whole life, not even one? A scratch even? I don't think anyone could guarantee that, which means, more or less, if you drive your car all your life, you will encounter at least an accident, otherwise you are just too lucky with very sophisticated skills.

How many people died in car accidents last year? About 1.3 million people! This is not a small number, about 3,500 people died every day, that is to say, for every 24 seconds, there's one person died from car accident.

However, it's still not a huge percentage compare to how many people drive cars, so, relax, we are not that lucky to die from car accidents. Most likely, small accidents for insurance company to deal with, and this is where the car dvr come in, it doesn't keep you from car accident but it does keep all data that you and your insurance company need, so, do we need one? Yes!


What functions does car dvr have? Usually it has a built-in GPS, a map system, a lens, maybe a wide-angle lens, you can decide yourself, a SD memory card is always needed, take a 4GB SD memory card for example, it can hold about four or five days worth of driving data and video, and when memory card is full, it will automatically delete the first day's file( and then second day), and you don't need to worry about memory card is full.

Vehicle security system

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