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TAXI surveillance system


Installation Diagram 


MINI MDVR comes with 1-4 cameras optional

Protect drivers - Security cameras can help to deter unruly passengers from acting out of line.

Deter violence - Whether the result of alcohol, or many other factors, violent confrontations can and do occur between cab passengers and drivers. The presence of in-taxi surveillance System can make riders think twice before acting afoul.

Prevent robberies ĘC The surveillance center shows alarm information pop at real time , when anyone attempting to rob ,also police will know their every move is being videotaped .

Monitor driver behavior - Drivers can also be guilty on occasion. Taxi DVR help to ensure that taxi drivers carry out their duties in a professional manner.

System features: 

í˝DVR MINI size Design 

í˝1-4 channel Accident and On& off Recording 

í˝Live Event & Crash Alerts available for added oversight 

í˝ Live Driver Intercom for added oversight 

í˝LiveVehicle Location Tracking / Routine Tracking with Google map 

í˝32 GB SD card storage 

Optional Extras;


We can supply you the cables you won't need to break out your soldering iron. please let us know how long cables you need. 


To view images directly, the DVR can be plugged into any LCD monitor which has an A/V input socket - such as the 7" colour LCD shown here

System connection Diagram