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System Solution

School Bus surveillance system

Private Car 

School bus security and childrení»s safety are central concerns for RECODA , as much as they are for parents and school administrators everywhere.. Here are a few benefits: 

í˝Deters bullying, fighting, and inappropriate behavior 

í˝Protects students so that bus drivers can fully focus on driving instead of disobedient children 

í˝Record incidents such as vandalism and destruction of school bus property  

*4 channels Mobile DVR with 3g/gps/wifi Optional

Private Car 

*1-4 cameras optional

Private Car 

System features: 

The system Show 4 Camera Views at One Time DVR Cyclic, Motion Detect úČG-Force Trigger alarm Recording, Live view and tracking, WIFI automatic video download. 

í˝Live view and record accident during driving 

í˝Live view and record bullying, fighting, and inappropriate behavior 

í˝Vehicle Location Tracking / Routine Live Tracking 

í˝Live Event & Crash Alerts available for added oversight 

í˝ Live Driver Intercom for added oversight 

í˝4-6 trigger Events

Installation Diagram

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Optional Extras;

Private Car 

We can supply you the cables you won't need to break out your soldering iron. please let us know how long cables you need.  

Private Car 

To view images directly, the DVR can be plugged into any LCD monitor which has an A/V input socket - such as the 7" colour  LCD shown here